Project Overview

The Oregon Department of Transportation is currently in the planning phase of in the OR 22: Corridor Safety Improvements Project. The preferred project alternative extends 2nd Street from Riggs Street to 50th Avenue. This project will serve as a backage road for the properties on the north side of OR 22 between Riggs St. and 50th Ave. When the backage road is constructed, these properties will access OR 22 from 50th Ave.

The preferred project alternative is part of the OR 22 Expressway Management Plan (pdf, 8.4 mb) adopted by Polk County in March 2010. The Plan contained four possible projects to improve safety on OR 22 and to prepare for an eventual interchange at the intersection of OR 22 and OR 51. While funding has not yet been allocated for the full interchange, ODOT has received most of the funding to build the preferred alternative project described above.

ODOT refined and analyzed the project options identified in the Plan and they are described in more detail below.

Preferred Alternative

The 2nd Street extension between Riggs Street and 50th Avenue is the recommended Preferred Alternative because it is the only project with immediate functional and safety utility, and is cost-effective.

Map of Preferred Alternative

Other Options Considered

  • Doaks Ferry Extension between 50th and 52nd (Option 2)
    If this option was built prior to the Preferred Option it would have relatively little immediate utility, because there would be a gap between Riggs and 50th serving fewer properties. It is the most costly option due to property impacts and adverse topographic and geological conditions.
  • Backage road from 50th Ave. west ending in a cul-de-sac at Chevron Station (Option 3)
    This option would build a backage road on the south side of OR 22 from 50th Avenue west ending in a cul-de-sac at the Chevron Station. For this project to have immediate usefulness, all properties within the project limits would have their access to OR 22 closed. This would be a hardship to some businesses and put others out of business. Due to these impacts, this option is not feasible until the OR 51/OR 22 interchange is funded and constructed.
  • Backage road connection from the west end of Option 3 to OR 51 (Option 4)
    This option would build a backage road connection from the west end of Option 3 to OR 51. This option can only be feasible if designed and built in conjunction with a future interchange. Despite being cost/funding neutral, it is the least feasible of all the options.

Alternatives Map
Download (pdf, 478kb)

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